MSP sales leads

In their attempt to make their IT practice become more successful in terms of MSP lead generation, IT consultants or Managed Service Providers are sometimes prone to making the wrong decision of employing a salesperson – a totally wrong and costly move.

On the other hand, a small IT consultant or MSP sells according to the amount of skills that they deliver to a client. The more skilled they are, the more profit they can earn. Today, they are managing as many clients they can, and since there is not enough time for more clients in just a day, they are more inclined to accept the method of employing a salesperson.

Following this decision, the MSP begins to encourage the notion that they are in search for the right salesperson to gather the lead generation. Advertisements are then put on the job bulletin or newspapers. Eventually, more and more people who are interested will come and claim that they are the best people for the job. It is unfortunate for the MSP to make this hiring decision according to the personality rather than their capability to sell. With this wrongful decision, the MSP is about to waste a significant amount of money, because whenever a hired salesperson fails to get the company’s objective, the company is losing half a million of dollars in their future income.

The newly hired salesperson can ask for a salary that is much higher compared to what an MSP would pay. This is why most MSPs believe and prefer to hire efficient salespeople on commission basis only. However, companies with this type of program rarely attract high-quality salespeople.

In order to produce the increasingly gradual income to pay for the salesperson, the MSP must be able to have more clients. However, the MSP has no capacity to take the person onto the team. This brings to a race for a more profitable cash flow.

The salesperson will then be asked by the MSP with several questions which will be answered by positive yet very vague answers. At some point, the MSP may run out of patience and budget and can lead to the possible termination of the salesperson’s contract.

There is, however, a much better method particularly for a small IT consultant or small MSP. Engaging in the services of a credible marketing organization is highly recommended to be able to ensure MSP sales leads. Avoid committing the error of hiring and relying on a salesperson just to be able to perform the task of generating leads. The method of lead generation has become more challenging nowadays compared to what it was before and there are a lot of reasons for that situation to happen, once again.

For now, see to it that there is enough channel that is filled with lots of opportunities prior to deciding to hire a salesperson. This is going to provide you, as well as the salesperson, an ability to see and understand the incoming and outgoing of cash or the company’s operating activities; thus, predict the positive outcome of your team.