The use of video surveillance equipment is getting more common. The security threats that abound all around us make deployment of such equipment not only desirable but downright necessary. Now it is usual to see video cameras monitoring street corners, homes, hospitals, sports stadiums, critical infrastructure and most places of business. A recent article on Security Magazine reports that video surveillance will even be installed to monitor engineers on train cabs.

This has lead people to try to determine the most appropriate level of video surveillance equipment they need to employ. While the complexity of such systems generally depends upon the nature of the facility requiring protection and the level of perceived threats, there is also quality of equipment to consider. Thus choosing the best video surveillance company is also significant. Among many companies offering surveillance equipment, Avigilon is a recognized leader.

Avigilon is actually a company which provides comprehensive security solutions which also covers access control, video analytics software, and central control systems, etc. And their video surveillance solutions are hard to beat.

In video cameras alone, the Avigilon offers a very wide selection meant to fit different budgets and security requirements. Various video camera models capture images at various resolutions. Typical HD models start at about 1 MP to 2 MP and takes images at up to 30 frames per second. More powerful versions can have 3 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP, 9 MP, 12 MP, 16 MP, and 24 MP resolutions; they recently introduced a camera with a very high 29MP resolution. No more will people have to suffer looking at grainy footages of security breaches; with the high resolution in this new camera it is easy to identify the perpetrators.

While some cameras are designed primarily for indoor applications, other models are weather resistant. Viewing angles on some cameras can be anywhere from 32 up to more than 90 degrees allowing for choice in the width of a camera’s field of vision. Mounting types vary as some are meant for ceiling, wall or pendant-type mounts. The cameras themselves may be tubular, dome-type and multi sensor units. Many cameras revolve for up to 360 degrees to reduce the need for additional cameras to be installed.

But cameras only provide image capture; what makes video surveillance systems more effective are the software that controls them, and the other supporting equipment installed. Recording equipment are some of the most common components of surveillance systems. The software that controls the entire system is usually designed for ease of use as well as to easily integrate with other makes of video equipment which may already be installed.

One of the most useful features of newer software is the ability to recognize threats and pay no heed to harmless activity it detects. Avigilon’s video analytics software is capable of updating its data (learning) based on the owner’s inputs. This results in fewer false alarms. Remote access and control allows the user to view, zoom, record and control the surveillance from virtually anywhere.

So if you are in need of video surveillance systems, consider looking at the packages Avigilon has to offer.