hybrid cloud storage solutions

There have been so many articles written about the advantages of cloud-based services that traditional office networks have all but disappeared.  Credit the relatively low cost, especially the low start-up cost, of cloud based solutions for its dominance over traditional networks.  Yet cost is but one factor.  Most cloud based solutions offer a great deal of flexibility, and the best hybrid cloud storage solutions is by far the most flexible of all. 

The term hybrid says it all.  Just as man was improved by inter-breeding with people from different geographic locations, the services offered by traditional office networks have been outperformed due to the marrying of the best features of a private and a local cloud in a hybrid.  A visit to the site of the Cloud Computing Association will help clear things up about cloud computing.

A clear example of this may be found in the flexibility offered by a hybrid cloud storage solution.  It uses a combination of local and off-site storage resources.   It is often used to augment on-site storage capacity with public cloud storage.  It is usually governed by policies installed to maximize the benefits from the combination, such as keeping the most frequently used or accessed data on site and the rest on the cloud.  Another consideration is the level of security required, with data requiring the highest levels kept onsite.

Through companies offering hybrid cloud solutions like cloudvelox, a business may carry out its computing requirements.  The flexibility offered here is in the choice of applications you subscribe to and for how long.  This makes much more sense than buying a software license.  You pay only for using the applications you choose, and only for as long as you actually use them.  You can opt out and choose a different application anytime you want.  Best of all, you don’t need to update, de-bug, or conduct anti-virus sweeps on the applications – the cloud solutions provider takes care of that.

Up and down demands for hybrid cloud storage solutions are handled with ease and adjustments are done almost instantaneously.  And as your business grows or even if it evolves into something completely different, hybrid clouds can easily adapt.

It’s not too late to experience the power of hybrid cloud solutions for your business.  All it takes is a call to your cloud services provider to start the process.