netapp kanata ottawa cloud storage

Small businesses were initially hesitant to use cloud storage services.  Their initial reluctance was fuelled be concerns about security and privacy of stored information.  Advances in security technology implemented in the past few years by such cloud storage service providers as Netapp Ottawa have caused these business organizations to rethink their positions and to begin to consider storing their data in the clouds.  Organizations such as Cloud Computing Association endorse the use of cloud storage.

Even with modern security technology and methods, a small measure of security concern remains.  What if a huge power outage affects the cloud storage provider? But what little concerns about security remain are far outweighed by the many benefits users enjoy from Netapp Ottawa cloudstorage and those from other providers.  Among the advantages are:

a)       Cost Efficiency:  Storing your data in the clouds relieves you of having to spend a good chunk of your operating budget in expensive capital equipment (computer servers mainly), software, and in IT staff salaries.  The resources saved can then be allocated to the business organization’s core activity.  The organization is also freed from the distraction of having to maintain an onsite storage network.

b)       Convenience:  Data stored in the cloud can be uploaded, transferred and recovered much faster than any traditional computer network can.  Additionally, while traditional computer storage limits access to the onsite location or a limited network, data stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere in the world there is a computer and an internet service provider.  Better yet, the access is available 24/7 – as against access only during office hours.

c)       Scalability:  The storage capacity and features delivered to you by the cloud storage services provider can be increased and decreased at will.  Most cloud storage services providers like Netapp Kanata can scale your services seamlessly, i.e. without disrupting the service.  The best part of this is that you are only asked to pay for the services and features that you actually use.  You are backed by a provider with an almost unlimited storage capacity, while not having to spend a cent for services you don’t use.

d)       Work Flexibility:  Since the files are accessible at anytime and from anywhere, the world has just become your office – at least the parts covered by internet services.  Work can be done even if the office is closed, at the minimum resulting in utilities cost.  Staff can be allowed to perform work even from the comfort of their homes.

If you don’t store your data in the clouds yet, maybe you should give Netapp Kanataa call.