Mindshark marketing believes that good links are essential to obtaining the highest possible search engine rankings.  However, the link-building business has gotten so complicated that it is best to leave the work to professionals.  Truth be told, with all the changes to algorithms and rules being implemented by major search engines such as Google and Yahoo/Bing, even the professionals are hard-pressed to keep up. So much so that periodic Mindshark marketing seo services should be considered wise investments.

But if you have always used only ‘white hat’ link-building strategies, why should your links even need regular detox?  Again because search engine rules constantly change.  That means what was considered a ‘white hat’ technique before may be considered for penalty now.  It can also mean that techniques previously penalized may now be considered acceptable.

You also consider what that does to the sites you have linked to.  If their authority and influence have increased, that is good; but it can always be the other way around.  It may be better in some situations to remove some of the links.  And then there are sites which you have not considered linking to before because of their poor authority and influence.  Changes to rules may have sufficiently increased their rankings that they are now prime link targets.

Then there is also what has come to be known as the optimal ‘link mix’ or ‘link profile’ that has to be considered.  As of this writing, Mindshark states that the ideal mix is defined as having only 5-10% exact match anchors, from relevant geo located sites with high PR or authority.  If your links do not fall within the ideal parameters, then it can be tweaked to improve the search engines’ perception of your site.  But bear in mind that the concept of what makes an ideal link mix can and will change over time.

The only sure way to obtain the best results from your link building efforts is to ensure you keep up with rule changes and effect the necessary adjustments. Mindshark reviews will reveal where you are, and what would improve your link building’s positive effects on your SEO.