Freight broker software  is computer software that manages shipments of cargo in a logistic chain. The software manages three phases in the transportation business viz. planning shipments, supervising deliveries and maintaining records associated with the shipment. Previously these were standalone programs that looked after transportation matters only. But now it is not unusual to find the software as a part of enterprise management system.

Well the first thing that freight broker software does is planning of shipments and deliveries.  The software will analyze and there by schedule the time for loads to leave for deliveries or the time when shipments should come for processing. Avant-garde software will look in to factors like processing time and variation in shift production to guarantee that the shipments arrive on scheduled time.

The next task before the software is the execution of deliveries. The software locates routes and picks the best of them for routing. This planning helps in reducing drive time and fuel management. It also schedules the deliveries on times when the carrier is to encounter least traffic on the road. It will also determine other roads of shipment if any. This will be helpful in an emergency such as road blockage. It also helps the person managing the shipment to stay in touch with the drivers as they move forward towards the destination.

The third hat that this software wears is that of a transportation bookkeeper. It maintains logbooks and regulations for the company as well as the documents that have quotes, invoices, pre-payments and many more. It takes into consideration the special cases in transportation. If a shipment requires to be delivered by a specially trained driver, it will ensure there is one to take the charge.